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Feel the silence on a rainy day ... Type F flat roof window

FAKRO, a second largest company in the roof window market focuses attention on the smallest details both in terms of design and functionality when creating products. The type F flat roof windows was given prestigious Red Dot Design Award 2016 and in addition to their modern design, windows feature excellent resistance to noise caused by rain.

The manufacturer of roof windows satisfies the requirements of even the most demanding customers, taking care of their well-being and comfort even during intense and heavy rain. The DEF flat roof window with a double-chamber DU6 glazing unit has been tested for sound insulation during heavy rain. The result obtained, LIA= 36 [dB]* confirms the high level of resistance against sound penetration, therefore the window is ideal for places where peace and silence are welcome.

Our window offers an exceptional functionality. It brings the very highest standards of natural light to interiors and provides ventilation. With specially designed shapes of the sash and frame profiles, flat roof window features up to 16% greater area and can be manufactured in any size (in the range of 60x60 – 120x220cm).

In addition, the window ensures excellent thermal insulation performance. It comes with energy-efficient DU6 glazing unit characterized by a heat transfer coefficient with a rating of Uw = 0.70 W/m2K (as per EN 14351-1).

Many benefits and modern design are unquestionable advantages of the type F flat roof windows, which are the source of satisfaction for the users.

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*as per ISO 10140-1/A2:2014