The aim of the IFD International Federation for the Roofing Trade is to integrate roofing communities from different countries and let them share their experience. The intention is also to create a strong representation of common interests and improve the skills of roofing professionals all over the world.

The IFD is currently working on the introduction of the roofers’ passports that will confirm the highest competence of their owners. When collecting information on the education of roofers in the individual countries associated with the IFD, it turned out that each of them has a completely different education system as well as various rules and regulations concerning the profession of roofer.

In order to confirm the actual competence of roofers and to be able to compare them in different countries, the IFD General Assembly adopted the IFD Training Certificate (Roofer’s Passport). This certificate is to show that a given professional is constantly improving his vocational qualifications by taking part in new training courses organized by companies and institutions associated in the IFD. Since 2019, the IFD approves points that companies and national federations (Polish Roofers’ Association) can give to roofers for their training. 

FAKRO, world’s second largest roof window manufacturer, has for many years been regularly organizing training programs for active professionals in the construction industry. The outcome of trainings are strengthened skills and competence in the field of consulting and assembly of FAKRO products.

“The Nowy Sącz-based company is the first one in Poland to train its partners according to the guidelines developed by the IFD and gives points to roofers for their training in the area of solutions and assembly of roof windows”, commented by Paweł Kołbon, Training and Contractor Cooperation Centre Manager. In addition, once approved by the IFD, FAKRO can award certificates to trained individuals. As a result, roofers who have undergone training at FAKRO receive a certificate of new roofing skills. The passport will become their proof of qualification on a par with roofers from other IFD-certified countries. 

In addition to Poland, companies from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and England award points, the rest of the countries are preparing to implement the system.