Extras in new attic stairs - LWL Extra

Are you looking for reliable and heat-insulating attic stairs? Look into our wide range of products. We listen to our customers and create more and more new solutions. Our latest addition are LWL Extra wooden stairs that ensure high comfort of use. The big advantage is extraordinary "ease" of operation.

Extras, exactly what then?

  • By using two gaskets and super heat-insulating hatch of a thickness of 5.6cm, the stairs have the fourth highest tightness class*. LWL Extra have a very good heat transfer coefficient U = 0.74 W/m2K. Perfectly suited for buildings where the attic is cold and unheated. The loft ladder stands behind excellent insulation performance, thus protecting against any heat loss in rooms situated within the attic space.
  • For increased safety and comfort of use, the stairs have an additional handrail mounted to the middle section.
  • What is important, its operation is not strenuous - the ladder folds and unfolds with extraordinary ease. The effect is obtained due to a load-relief mechanism.
  • The stairs are equipped with an aesthetic white hatch and anti-slip steps that are aligned with the ladder stringers.

* in compliance with EN 12207

Extras in new attic stairs - LWL Extra