New line of type G flat roof windows

FAKRO, a vice-leader of the global market for roof windows has expanded its offer with the type G flat roof windows. Flat roofs are increasingly appearing in the architectural landscape and the type G window is an interesting option to illuminate rooms under them. An inspiration for a new product was the type F window which has been given Red Dot Design Award 2016.

An abundance of natural light

The type G windows illuminate with natural light rooms under flat roofs and ensure an inflow of fresh air. The specially designed shape of the window profiles has a glazing area up to 16% greater than those of competitors.

High energy-efficiency

Thanks to innovative design, the type G windows ensure excellent thermal insulation performance. Windows are constructed of multi-chamber PVC profiles filled with insulation material, while heat transfer coefficient for a whole window U-value is 0.92 W/m2K (as per 14351-1:2006+A2:2016) which is 34% better than the solutions of the competition.

Innovative design

With their well thought-out structure where a flat glass section with black aluminium profile plays a major role, D_G windows feature modern design. Flat surface of the glass and the highest quality workmanship intensify the impression of innovative design.

Attention to safety

An important aspect is safety of use, therefore windows are equipped with anti-burglary P2 glazing unit with a Class P2A anti-burglary inner laminated glass which protects against shards of glass in case of damage.

Available in any size

Windows come in 9 standard sizes from 60x60cm to 120x120cm and 100x150cm. On special request, it is possible to manufacture windows in any size (in the range from 60x60 to 120x120cm). This enables existing skylights which do not meet current thermal insulation requirements to be replaced with ease.

Additional interior design

The window design enables installation of internal accessories which offer protection from intense sunlight and enhance interior design.