Over 250 FAKRO employees tested for free at the company's headquarters

Over 250 FAKRO employees tested for free at the company\'s headquarters


Over 250 FAKRO employees took part in free medical examinations as part of the National Health Fund's "Prevention 40+" programme. The tests were organized on FAKRO premises, during working hours, and all employees could undergo them for free.


The research was carried out on employees over 40 in partnership with the Non-Public Health Care Center DIAGMED from Nowy Sącz. As part of the cooperation, DIAGMED employees conducted research not only at the FAKRO headquarters but also in branch offices – in Dobra (Stolart) and Tymbark (Florad).


In total, by the end of March over 250 employees benefited from the research. The company is still accepting applications from interested people. Based on the completed questionnaire, DIAGMED generates e-referrals, which are a ticket to free examinations.


The pandemic has reminded us all of the value of health. Without hesitation, we took the initiative of free research for our employees. Many of them have already benefited from the "Prophylaxis 40+" package, but for the others, the opportunity of being examined without the need of taking a day-off, standing in the queue and free of charge, was a motivator to get tested - comments Krystyna Kronenberger, co-owner of FAKRO.


„Prophylaxis 40 PLUS” is a program of free preventive examinations for all Poles over 40 years of age. The aim of the program is to increase the number of people performing such tests, detect diseases and disorders early and prevent their development.


The workers were divided into several groups. The research was carried out in the morning. Each employee received information about the specific time of the study. The whole thing went very smoothly. Employees appreciated this undertaking well. We are glad that such a large group took care of their health. We continue to act and encourage FAKROteam to fill in the questionnaires - adds Bożena Damasiewicz, FAKRO Organizational and Administrative Director.


"Prevention 40 PLUS" assumes the implementation of diagnostic tests in the form of packages dedicated separately for women and men and a joint package. Access to more information can be found at Research packages:  Pakiety badań - Ministerstwo Zdrowia - Portal


Over 250 FAKRO employees tested for free at the company\'s headquarters


Due to the low percentage of implementation of the Prophylaxis 40 plus program among people entitled to take advantage of this valuable program, we have taken up the challenge of establishing cooperation with large workplaces such as FAKRO to enable as many people as possible, especially those who are professionally active, to take advantage of the tests. We were surprised by how large a percentage of society was still unaware of the possibility of implementing the program, despite its duration of fewer than 2 years, and advertising campaigns on the radio or TV. Our idea was for patients to be able to carry out the examination in the most convenient way for them, without additional administrative burdens or involving the sacrifice of their private time. All this burden has been delegated to the employer. I must admit that the decision-makers and those directly involved in the project from FAKRO and other companies participating in this project showed great commitment guided by concern for the health of their employees. I would like to mention that people who obtained test results under the program could consult them free of charge with a specialist in laboratory medicine from our facility and obtain explanations and instructions on how to proceed. Thanks to this, patients knew whether he needed to take further action or whether their state of health was satisfactory. At this point, I would like to thank all those involved, including FAKRO, for undertaking this pioneering task in this area, which resulted in the most important possible one – health care - sums up Agnieszka Radom, MD, PhD, Head of the DIAGMED Medical Diagnostic Laboratory.