Effective protection from overheating inside

Once a cold winter and a pleasant spring are over, the long-awaited summer is coming. Beautiful holiday time is the season when we enjoy sunny days catching the sunlight on the beach, in the mountains or in our own garden. After a long day of such summer attractions we are looking for relaxation in our homes. Rooms with excessive heat gain are not conducive to effective rest. Window accessories are here to help.

When researching the market you can come across a wide range of accessories for roof windows, both internal and external ones. The first group includes all kinds of roller blinds offering various designs and shades, while the latter one involves awning blinds and roller shutters. Which of these accessories ensure most effective protection of the interior situated within the loft space in summer seasons? We present a detailed report on the analysis of the effectiveness against room overheating by means of different sun screening devices carried out in the Research and Development Department of FAKRO.

The first stage of the analysis consisted in constructing 10 identical research rooms with the same exposure to the sunlight. The temperature in each of them was measured in several points exactly one meter above the floor. Tests were conducted with the windows closed and equipped with various accessories.

The presented research results clearly demonstrate that external accessories (roller shutters and awning blinds) are the most optimal protection from tiresome heat on the sunny days. Internal accessories, however, serve this function only to a limited extent, and their main task is to enhance interior design and regulate the amount of light entering the room.

The conducted research shows that windows should be equipped with external accessories such as roller shutters and awning blinds in order to effectively protect against excessive heat gain in the room. The best solution when taking into account thermal protection effects, price and ease of installation is the awning blind. The research indicates that awning blinds offer up to 8 times more effective protection against room overheating when compared to internal accessories. The purpose of awning blinds is not only effective protection against excessive heat gain in the room, but also improvement of Uw heat transfer coefficient and reduction of heat loss on cold days. What is more, the use of awning blinds allows for even distribution of natural light and view to the outside, protects you house interior against viewers and ensures a feeling of privacy. The best solution is to equip windows with both awning blinds and internal accessories. The awning blind provides optimal protection against overheating inside, while internal accessories enhance interior design and protect against intense light entering the room.