Robert Konieczny as Ambassador of FAKRO

Robert Konieczny as Ambassador of FAKRO

We are delighted to announce that FAKRO, a global manufacturer of roof windows and loft ladders, has started cooperation with world-renowned architect Robert Konieczny, a winner of numerous international contests, including the World Building of the Year 2016 at the international World Architecture Festival competition and Best New Private House in the global Wallpaper Design Awards 2017. The campaign with the participation of Robert Konieczny is titled “Light, shape, art.”

Light is an indispensable element of our lives, which thanks to FAKRO products is delivered to the rooms. The shape is created by an architect, but it is composed of various elements, including windows. Nowadays, products are created with great care for every detail, so at the same time they become an element of art,” explained Sławomir Gawlik, FAKRO Group Marketing Director.

In the manifesto made by FAKRO and Robert Konieczny we can read: Promote good design and material culture. Don’t allow for any compromises in terms of quality – we build homes for people, not houses of cards. Respect our natural environment – every structure is just a complement to its surroundings. Set out a direction for development that supports modern architecture. Let us create with perfection in mind as this is the only way we can aim high and achieve more.

Light, shape, art – these are the words that perfectly describe not only FAKRO products, but also modern architecture. We are proud that Robert Konieczny is our Ambassador,” added Sławomir Gawlik.