Ryszard Florek received the “Economic Mace of the 25th Anniversary of the Polish-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce”

Ryszard Florek, President and co-owner of FAKRO has been given the economic prize of the Polish-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce. He received this honourable distinction for an outstanding contribution to building durable and good neighbourly economic relations between Poland and Ukraine.

The 25th anniversary of the Polish-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce was an opportunity to award prizes. The Board of the Chamber of Commerce decided to award 25 economic prizes to individuals, institutions and companies for their particular contribution to developing Polish-Ukrainian economic cooperation. 

On behalf of the President Florek, the award was received by representatives of the company:  Andrzej Mlodnicki and Dariusz Choruzyk, cooperating on a daily basis with the Ukrainian market. 

The prize was given during official gala as part of the 3rd edition of Polish-Eastern Conference of the Polish-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce Lub-Invest, held on 14 June in the Lublin Conference Centre.

This conference is one of the most important economic events in Poland's relations with its Eastern neighbours and attracted to Lublin nearly 300 participants from Poland, Ukraine and other countries such as Armenia, Belarus, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Austria, Estonia, Denmark, Mexico and Venezuela.