Success has no age limit – Ryszard Florek on FORBES list.

Ryszard Florek, the CEO of the Management Board of the FAKRO Group, is among the winners of the FORBES "50 over 50" list. The list is a spotlight of people who achieve business success, regardless of age. According to the saying that fifty is the new thirty, featured laureates are an inspiration for all those who may think that their best years are behind them.


Success has no age limit – Ryszard Florek on FORBES list.


Ryszard Florek has been recognized for his undisputed business achievements. The jury nominated him because, despite his established position in the market, he actively promotes the idea of ​​economic rationalism. With the Think about the Future Foundation, he has been teaching Poles about the importance of consumer choices and social capital for years.

21 experts on business - representatives of investment funds, consulting companies and journalists - were invited to the jury of the "50 over 50" ranking. The jury nominated people who, over the age of 50, surprised the market with new, successful investments, have successfully recreated their careers or set a new tone for their current activities.

More than one hundred submitted and convincingly substantiated nominees were put to the vote. Each of the jury members could evaluate the candidates on a three-point scale and consequently award points.

Thus they created the outline of fifty names. The names of people who show much can be changed in the company and life when you have the appropriate knowledge and experience.