The best Polish employers according to FORBES

There are many construction companies in the Nowy Sącz region, but FAKRO is undoubtedly the best place to work. What is more, this is the opinion of the employees themselves as reflected in Forbes’ Poland’s Best Employers 2022 ranking.

The list of the top 300 Best Polish Employers is drawn up based on the questionnaire available on online research panels and at The study lasted from September to October 2021 and was developed on a list prepared by the Statista team which included approx. 1,800 employers with at least 250 employees in Poland.

Last year, FAKRO was awarded the Best Polish Employer title by the Wprost weekly magazine. Now, the company maintains a good streak. Working in a stable company is particularly important today as the economy has not fully recovered from the coronavirus pandemic and is already facing another challenges caused by the war in Ukraine, inflation and interest rate increases.

FAKRO offers comprehensive social support and a benefit package. Recent months have shown that employees can count on help even in extreme situations. Since the beginning of the war, our company has regularly organised humanitarian convoys to Ukraine and provided the families of Ukrainian employees with shelter in Poland and support in their day-to-day functioning in our country.



The best Polish employers according to FORBES