"The most beautiful roof in the world" - FAKRO supports the IFD AWARD 2019 Competition and IFD Congress

FAKRO has been acknowledging the activities undertaken by roofers for many years. This year, for the 14th time, the company is honoured to support the 67th International IFD congress to be held in Edinburgh from 25 to 28 September. In addition, as a partner member of IFD, FAKRO submitted to the IFD AWARD 2019 Competition the Renngasse reference building from Vienna and eco-friendly, modular Green Unit building from Great Britain.

One of the most important events will be the outcome of the IFD AWARD 2019 Competition. “The most beautiful roof in the world” will be selected from 16 nominations in four categories: sloping roof, flat roof, metal roof and facade. The role of the jury is to award the excellent craftsmanship of the roofing art with the winning projects from each category to be announced to the world on 27 September.

Renngasse No 10 building submitted by FAKRO is located in the heart of Vienna. Full covering of the building, from the top through the facade, with brown and gold panels, stands behind original and modern design. The building is characterized by a two-storey attic where non-standard FAKRO roof windows with energy-efficient, triple-glazed units have been installed. What is more, roof windows are equipped with electric and solar type AMZ awning blinds.

During one of the panels of the congress, Sabina Sujew who is FAKRO Benelux Market Manager and chairwoman of the IFD marketing working group on behalf of the IFD partner member will speak on marketing activities dedicated to roofers.

Properly performed installation process plays an important role in the construction industry, especially in times of rapidly changing standards and new trends. Today, the challenge for IFD is to create new global channels and communication tools for roofers. I am proud that FAKRO is an advisor in creating such a strategy, which also increases brand awareness in the international roofers’ environment,” commented by Sabina Sujew.