The new Director of the IFD Association at FAKRO headquarter

FAKRO was the first in Poland to host Pascal Civati, a new Director of the IFD Association.

It is worth mentioning that FAKRO has been a member of IFD (International Federation for the Roofing Trade) for 15 years now. The aim of the association is the international promotion of the roofing profession and to raise and improve skills of the roofers around the world.

The working meeting included a discussion over activities important for the roofing industry, conditions of cooperation and details concerning trainings and IFD Training Certificate (Roofer’s Passport).

The meeting was chaired by Sabina Sujew who acts as the IFD Chairwoman Marketing and is a delegate from FAKRO involved in the project "Future Marketing for the IFD".

”The new Director also means a new point of view and a fresh look at the current activities run by the IFD Association. We had the opportunity to discuss marketing activities that support the industry and raise the prestige of the roofing community. We mainly focused on media activity and online promotion of the industry development and use as a platform for knowledge exchange”, commented by Sabina Sujew.