Electric control

Smart home

Rapid technological development has made modern solutions enter our lives, homes, cars and pockets.

One can hardly imagine life without modern cars equipped with a number of sensors and on-board computer or smartphones with many applications that make life easier. The era of modern cars and smartphones is witnessing the arrival of smart homes. Intelligent home is not only associated with convenience and comfort, but also with safety and savings. The concept of intelligent home is based on the idea of interconnecting various devices and systems working independently of each other such as central heating, ventilation, alarm, gates, windows, lighting and be able to operate them using one device from any where in the world.

Comfort and convenience – with one click you can simultaneously roll down shutters, turn on your favourite music, raise the temperature or dim the light.

Safety – installed motion detectors will send alarm information to the system and rain sensors will close the window to protect the room from flooding.

Savings – when going out, you can close the water supply, shutters or awnings, lower the temperature.

FAKRO products with the Z-Wave system such as roof windows, flat roof windows, external and internal accessories are elements of an intelligent home.

They can be controlled:

  • remotely via the Internet from your computer, smartphone or tablet
  • using other automation systems through FAKRO ZWMA bridge module
  • using a dedicated remote control
  • and even automatically as in the case of solar awning blinds where solar panel integrated with the awning's cassette acts as an solar insolation sensor. High insolation level triggers the blind to unroll automatically, while in cloudy weather the blind rolls up.

Controlling FAKRO products through the Internet comes down to programming WiFi/Z-Wave gateway, which acts as an intermediary between the Internet and local communication of messages by FAKRO products in the Z-Wave system. This gateway gives you the ability to control directly from the browser through HTTP protocol as well as allows to take advantage of applications dedicated to your smartphone, tablet or PC.

Controlling by means of other systems (e.g. SOMFY, KNX) using the ZWMA bridge module manufactured by FAKRO consists in connecting signal from another system (through appropriate devices) to the ZWMA module. FAKRO products can be operated using any system. When implementing this solution you will need help from a professional installer who will program the products according to various schemes: open, close, stop, simultaneous action of several devices, grouping, etc.