A studio full of sunshine

Jeżyce – beautiful district in Poznań

This district is probably one of the most magnificent in the city. It is even believed that Jeżyce is not a district, but a lifestyle since journalists and bloggers describe it as the most hipster spot in Poznań.  

When strolling through Jeżyce you can come across a number of charming pubs and restaurants with delicious cuisine. These places attract visitors with their atmospheric interiors as well. As it turns out, not only Jeżyce restaurants have good interiors, an example of which is the PL.architekci architectural studio.

Light for architects

An architect’s work is creative activity, therefore it was a priority to provide studio’s rooms with good lighting. All architects know perfectly that bright, spacious interiors abundant in daylight form the basis of good designs.

For this reason, richly equipped double sash FDY-V duet proSky windows with increased axis of rotation have been used to illuminate office spaces. Windows are installed in combinations. The upper sash is opened via centre pivot, while the lower one is non-opening and comes with laminated glass. Special flashings were applied to combine these windows, resulting in perfect connection with the roof structure.  

The studio also features a combination of wooden pivot roof windows. By applying roof windows installed in combinations you can be sure that rooms are full of light, and thus become a place with comfortable working environment. 

In addition to better illumination, roof window combinations ensure a wide view to the outside and a sense of contact with nature.

Working comfort in summer

What is more, even greater comfort of work is provided by the AMZ awning blinds installed on the outer window side. They ensure protection against excessive heat gain, at the same time not darkening the room and allowing to work in healthy daylight. Awning blinds are an alternative to energy-consuming air conditioning and a perfect match for the studio.