Design that connects people

In Lusowo, near Poznań, a house adapted to the owner’s needs and interestingly integrated into the surroundings was built. This bright and friendly interior was created using a number of solutions. The project has been recognized with the prestigious SARP Award 2019 in the single-family house category.

Open space in the house

Walls, floors and ceilings are finished in bright colours to create the impression of a dynamic and vivid interior. In addition, open spaces and large glazed areas have been incorporated to provide good illumination inside.   

“The wish of the investors was to have contact with children playing upstairs while sitting in the living room. Being upstairs, they wanted to see what is happening on the ground floor. Hence the idea that the entire floor should be a kind of mezzanine suspended in the middle of the house. Even though there are three bedrooms, bathroom and dressing room, there is no feeling of lack of space. All rooms are at their full height to the roof pitch. This solution has also automatically allowed for better illumination of the entire house thanks to large FAKRO roof windows. They let light into the central parts of the house, which are not reached by light entering through vertical windows. In addition, AMZ Z-Wave awning blinds stand behind a comfortable indoor climate,” – commented by Bartłomiej Bajon from PL.architekci design studio.

Windows fitted in the roof effectively illuminate the space inside. Natural light stimulates and improves mood, while its large amount and the blue sky seen through roof windows make the house full of positive energy.

Exceptional living comfort

On hot days, intense sunlight could heat up interiors too much. The AMZ Z-Wave awning blinds mounted on roof windows protect the household members against this phenomenon. They retain excess heat outdoors while supplying daylight to rooms. The option of remotely operated awning blinds provides the users with easy control over the amount of sunlight reaching rooms at any time. The 140 x 160 cm roof windows are equipped with a laminated glass for extra safety. These solutions make the building modern and comfortable in everyday use.