Italian hotel with a view of the sky

The new luxurious DoubleTree Hotel by Hilton is located in Piazza della Repubblica in Trieste. The building built at the beginning of the last century as the seat of the Adriatic Assembly has undergone an extensive, two-year renovation.

Balance of flavours

The building retained its original, unchanged architectural form, enriched with contemporary design elements that stand behind the highest level of comfort and hotel services. The hotel offers 100 comfortable rooms, 25 luxurious suites, magnificent lobby as well as conference rooms, exclusive wellness and fitness areas. The furniture and interiors have been meticulously refreshed featuring marvellous gemstone flooring and cladding, wall mosaics, stuccowork and tapestries. All works were carried out under the supervision of the monuments conservator. This cooperation allowed to create an original, stylistically balanced structure with superb interiors that kept sophisticated aesthetics of the early 20th century combined with contemporary, practical design.

With a view of the sky

Guest rooms are situated on several floors and those most beautiful and desired are on the fourth floor under a gable roof. They owe their charm to FAKRO roof windows that open up to the sky. They illuminate spaces with natural light during the day, while at night they let us watch the moon and stars, creating an amazing atmosphere. To secure convenience and user comfort, all roof windows are equipped with internal and external accessories. Windows are controlled remotely via a wall switch and operate in a wireless Z-Wave system. A number of 32 FAKRO FTU-V Z-Wave white windows were installed on the top floor. They are manufactured using specially selected and vacuum impregnated pinewood, coated with three layers of polyurethane lacquer to form perfectly smooth and durable surface. These windows feature innovative thermoPro technology for improved energy-efficiency performance, durability and tightness. This model is also equipped with the V40P automatic air inlet to ensure air circulation even when the window is closed and the topSafe system responsible for increased operational safety and burglary resistance.

Safety above all

Having serious approach to fire safety, FSR smoke ventilation windows by FAKRO were fitted in chosen technical rooms. They come with electric actuators connected to the control system for automatic opening and closing of the sash. They are intended for ventilation and smoke extraction.

Trieste – gate to Italy

Lovely coastal city of Trieste attracts with its charm since this remarkable place is a mixture of different cultures and architectural styles. Similarly, unique DoubleTree Hotel by Hilton attracts guests with its impressive sky-high rooms.