Roof windows illuminate apartments in Kiev

An increasing number of exciting housing projects can be observed in Ukraine. New housing estates offer many intelligent solutions that allow owners to design their apartments according to their individual needs. Let us present you one of such projects.  

The Lviv Quarter housing estate has been built in the historic district of Kiev – Podolia. It comprises seven ten-storey buildings with large glazing areas. Roofs in these buildings are quite unusual as they are sloping. This feature made it possible to install FAKRO roof windows in combinations. Two-storey apartments situated on the top floors have been filled with an abundance of natural light. This is how a residential complex with modern design and original character was created. 

Nadiya Shulha, architect of HB Interiors design studio, showed us one of the apartments on the top floor of the Lviv Quarter housing estate.

Nadiya designed an apartment for a young and very creative person who is a professional make-up artist. Taking it into account, the main requirement was to obtain a space that would suit her client’s taste and needs resulting from the profession. In terms of design, the client chose an eclectic Scandinavian-style interior.

The outcome is a very bright and delicate space with many fascinating, imaginative accents. 

“All rooms have one concept, but each has its own character. Although the apartment has two floors, it is small in size. Therefore, before anything else, we focused on functionality and ergonomics. Having dealt with that, we added beauty. I think it all worked out”, commented by Nadiya.

Roof windows provided the interior with a lot of individuality. The architect took into consideration the arrangement of windows, which gave a boost to create another interesting interior detail.

“The roof window in the bedroom turned out to be such an element. We developed a geometric pattern on the ceiling and framed it. I think it’s pretty cool to lie on the bed and look at the sky. If the sun is too strong, you can simply pull down the blinds”, added by Nadiya.

Roof windows in the living and make-up rooms fitted over the entire height of the walls form a unique atmosphere and effectively illuminate the interior. What is more, smart use of space made it possible to create a practical and stylish apartment.