The play of light and grey at FAKRO office

This modern interior designed in grey colouring features a va-riety of forms. Large glazing surfaces and roof window com-binations let plenty of natural light into the office situated in Krasnodar to make it more vivid. They highlight the surface structure of walls, floors and furniture. Wooden elements have been added to warm the interior.

We are very much aware how important is to illuminate office spaces with natural light. Light has influence on our concen-tration, vitality and thus the quality of our work.

A combination of FTP-V roof windows in the matt black col-our has been used in this originally designed office to main-tain the visual integrity. Naturally, it was a must to equip such an impressive office with large glazed FDY-V Duet proSky windows, which open the attic to the beauty of the area. Moreover, these windows have a stained glass that adds at-mosphere and character to the raw interior. Importantly, from a technical point of view, two sashes are placed in one FDY-V window frame. The upper sash is opened like a pivot window, while the lower one is non-opening with external pane lami-nated.

The PTP-V/GO aluminium clad-plastic pivot windows characterized by increased resistance to humidity are in the bathroom. The golden oak veneer colour has been chosen, the warm shade of which is perfectly balanced with the blue tiles.

The Z-Wave electric control system has been applied to secure comfortable operation of high-installed windows. They are remotely opened and closed by means of the remote con-trol or wall switches. In addition, they are equipped with a rain sensor which automatically initiates the sash closing function when the first rain drops appear.