The main material used by FAKRO is pinewood – a type of wood whose value as an ecological building material which is safe for the health has been known for generations.

The company sources wood from areas with planned forest management, which means that the amount of trees grown is greater than the amount of the timber harvested. Young trees absorbs several times more carbon dioxide than the old trees, hence it is advisable to renew the forest. Favouring timber harvested in this way contributes to an increase of the forest area, while giving us a chance to maintain an ecological environment.

Timber used for production is seasoned and dried in automatically controlled chambers with humidity of up to 12%. Thanks to eco-friendly furnaces, complex modern drying chambers are heated by the heat obtained from the combustion of post-production wood waste and highly energetic willow derived from FAKRO plantation.

Exploitation and processing natural resources imposes on us a special responsibility towards natural environment.

We care for the environment through:

  • developing and implementing eco-friendly products
  • using ecological technologies
  • minimising, utilising waste materials
  • reducing pollutant emission
  • reducing noise and vibration

FAKRO acquired the right to mark its products with the FSC certificate. This important certification takes into account your economic profitability, whether you are socially beneficial and that you ensure the protection of forests.


The Environmental Product Declaration

In September 2018, FAKRO wooden roof windows received the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) type III confirming that the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) has been carried out.

The basis for the environmental declaration is the analysis of the full cycle of the construction product developed according to the LCA methodology. The PN-EN 15804+A1:2014-04 and ISO 14025:2010 standards are the obligatory method for determining the environmental performance of the construction product.

The Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) type III is the most important declaration presenting the full life cycle of the product, it is a set of quantified data that describe energy consumption and emissions in individual phases of the product's existence.

Based on the obtained results, it can be stated that the production, manufacture and use of FAKRO wooden roof windows has a negligible impact on the natural environment and is carried out in accordance with the accepted standards and environmental requirements.