FAKRO donated money for the treatment of children of employees

FAKRO employees for children of employees. This is how the goal of “Kilometres of Hope with FAKRO” campaign can be described in a nutshell. It was for four ill children that 474 people joined the Endomondo challenge titled “Kilometres of Hope with FAKRO”. By running, riding a bike and hiking in the mountains FAKRO employees covered nearly 500 000 kilometres during three months. The official closing ceremony of the campaign took place on September 11 at FAKRO headquarters.

The meeting was opened by Bożena Damasiewicz, FAKRO Head Office Director who welcomed the numerous representatives of the Management Board, FAKRO Brand Ambassadors and, above all, the participants of the challenge. “Thanks to all of you present here, your commitment and great heart we accomplished the target of 50 000 kilometres in less than 1.5 months. Today, we have almost 500 000 kilometres. The number of participants and kilometres covered went far beyond our expectations and dreams. We would like to say a massive thank to everyone engaged in the campaign,” said Bożena Damasiewicz.

The action started on June 1 and its goal was to cover 50 000 kilometres in five months. As FAKRO declared, after achieving this result, the company donated 16,000 PLN for four children in need. “The assumed result has been exceeded almost ten times. This action has shown once again that the FAKRO Team are ambitious, extremely valuable people who can move mountains and change the world for the better,” commented by Sławomir Gawlik, FAKRO Group Marketing Director.

The highlight of the meeting was the presentation of symbolic checks to children in need. “In front of you there are four bravest and strongest ones. Our little heroes for whom we have been collecting kilometres together. 16,000 PLN is the amount that FAKRO donates for the treatment and rehabilitation of Wiktoria, Samanta, Krzysztof and Igor”, said Anna Korczyk, FAKRO PR Specialist and campaign coordinator. Checks have been officially handed over by Krystyna Kronenberger, co-owner of FAKRO and Sebastian Talarczyk, FAKRO Management Board Member.

Parents did not hide their emotions. “It’s beautiful that employees want to share their time with others. I’m very touched and grateful for their help,” said mother of Krzysztof Furgał who suffers from atypical autism.

Participants have also been thanked during the meeting. Top ten most active men and top ten most active women were awarded with FAKRO sports shirts. Piotr Broniszewski, an employee of Access Roof Lights and Light Tunnels Department, FAKRO Brand Ambassador and enthusiast of running, has also been given special thanks for his involvement in the campaign. “There are many heroes of this action, but there is someone among us who deserves special thanks. A person who not only ran a lot of kilometres in the campaign, but on his own initiative undertook to conduct free running trainings for our employees,” with these words Piotr was invited to the stage by Renata Damasiewicz, Media Advertising Specialist and Aneta Bobrowska, Marketing Specialist.

The official closing of “Kilometres of Hope with FAKRO” due to the express accomplishment of the target took place 1.5 months before the planned end of the campaign. “Meanwhile, we honourably continue to collect kilometres. The action will last till October 31. By financial support for the families of our employees, we have shown the strength and huge hearts of our team. This action is the best proof that by helping we change the world for the better,” summed up by Anna Korczyk.