“The School of Law, Business and Chinese Culture” program under auspices of FAKRO

“The School of Law, Business and Chinese Culture” program under auspices of FAKRO


FAKRO became a patron of the prestigious “The School of Law, Business and Chinese Culture” program, created on the initiative of the Higher School of Business – National Louis University and Hanglung Law Biernat & Kossacki Law Firm. The program aims to combine knowledge in the field of law, business and Chinese culture.


The purpose of the program is to familiarise Polish entrepreneurs, managers and other business practitioners with the Chinese market and the laws present there. Knowledge of legal regulations, tax obligations, corporate rules and other business aspects in China is very important, especially given the large cultural and economic differences. Understanding Chinese culture, social norms, hierarchy and business ethics is key to establishing effective relationships with Chinese business partners.


“Building bridges between cultures and countries involves commitment, learning and openness to new experiences. That is why we are delighted to support such initiatives that enable Polish entrepreneurs to acquire knowledge and skills required to run a successful international business,” commented by Janusz Komurkiewicz, FAKRO Management Board Member for Marketing.


As a global company, FAKRO understands that intercultural cooperation is essential in today’s international business environment. Therefore, the company continues its commitment to promoting intercultural dialogue and building good relations with partners both at home and abroad.


The official patronage of the program took place in Nowy Sącz on 11 July.