Bands for roofing membranes and underlays

Bands for roofing membranes and underlays

The bands offered by FAKRO are used for permanent joining, sealing and mending roofing membranes and non-permeable underlays. They are also recommended for attaching membranes and underlays to structural elements, e.g. wood, wall or metal.


EUROBAND W – one-sided adhesive band based on polypropylene cloth, 50mm wide.

Intended use:

  • joining together successive layers of EUROTOP membranes
  • repairing EUROTOP membranes
  • attaching EUROTOP membranes to wood, plastic or metals


EUROBAND P – one-sided adhesive band, 40mm wide.
Intended use:

  • sealing and insulating connection points between roofing membranes or underlays and roof structure
  • eliminates the risk of water penetration to insulation and rafters through openings created by roofing nails or pliers


BUTYLBAND – butyl band with adhesive on both sides, 10mm wide.
Intended use:

  • attaching EUROTOP membranes and Termofol 90 underlay to walls, around chimneys and flanges over gutters
  • joining overlaps of EUROTOP membranes, low vapour permeability or non-permeable underlays
  • joining materials where permanent connection flexibility and resistance to moisture and ageing is required


EUROBAND – one-sided butyl band, coated with aluminium film, 50mm thick.
Intended use:

  • mending roofing membranes and underlays
  • sealing skylights and windows
  • sealing around chimneys


EUROBAND WP – a windproof tape with a width of 100 mm built based on a special intelligent membrane characterised by a variable value of Sd vapour permeability coefficient. It comes with two adhesive strips situated on the opposite sides. Universal solution to be used on the internal and external side of the building.
Intended use:

  • “warm” installation of vertical windows
  • reducing drafts and energy loss
  • ensuring windproof performance in the connection of the window with the wall of the building


ALUFIX – one-sided butyl band, 75mm wide.
Intended use:

  • sealing non-permeable underlays
  • joining overlaps of non-permeable underlays
  • mending non-permeable underlays


band type one-sided adhesive one-sided adhesive one-sided adhesive two-sided adhesive
carrier type polypropylene fibres polypropylene fibres, PET non-absorbent polyethylene foam butyl
adhesive acrylic acrylic rubber-based butyl
temperature resistance od -40 do +120 °C od -30 do +100 °C od -30 do +80 °C od -30 do +80 °C
application temperature od +18 do +35 °C od +18 do +35 °C - od +5 do +40 °C
colour turquoise green dark grey grey
roll dimensions 60 mm x 25 m 60 mm x 25 m 40 mm x 30 m 10 mm x 20 m
packing [roll/cardboard] 24 rolls 20 rolls 12 rolls 24 rolls


  EUROBAND ALUFIX Bands for roofing membranes and underlays
technical parameters EUROBAND ALUFIX EUROBAND WP
band type one-sided adhesive one-sided adhesive windproof with two adhesive strips
carrier type butyl coated with aluminium film BOPP film coated with aluminium polypropylene non-woven fabric
adhesive rubber-based acrylic modified acrylic
temperature resistance od -30 do +80 °C 100 °C from -30 to +100 °C
application temperature od +5 do +40 °C - from +5 to +35 °C
colour silver, grey silver white with FAKRO logo
roll dimensions 50 mm x 10 m 75 mm x 50 m 100 mm x 25 m
packing [roll/cardboard] 12 rolls 64 rolls 20 rolls