Co nas wyróżnia

What distinguishes us?





Energooszczędna konstrukcja

Energy-efficient design

One of the top priorities when designing FAKRO windows is their energy-efficiency. Special structure of the FTT U8 Thermo window featuring Uw = 0.58W/m2K makes it the most energy-efficient roof window with a single glazing unit on the market Such structure allows to retain thermal energy inside the room. Application of the V40P air inlet in FAKRO windows ensures that the optimum level of fresh air is provided without unnecessary heat loss. The FAKRO roof window design allows for large thermal energy savings in the winter, which guarantees lower heating costs.


Duża ilość naturalnego światła

Ample natural light

The design of FAKRO roof windows provides appropriate illumination of the room within the loft space. Specially shaped profiles of the frame and sash as well as an air inlet location in the upper part of the frame allows for the influx of high quantities of natural light.


Zrównoważony bilans energetyczny

Sustainable energy balance

In addition to providing an effective light source, roof windows also act as means of passive heating in the winter. The larger glazed area provided by FAKRO windows is correspondingly more effective in this respect, with the free thermal energy being retained by virtue of their energy-efficient design. Appropriate structure of FAKRO roof windows enables sustainable balance in terms of acquisition and loss of thermal energy.






Wzmocniona konstrukcja okna – system topSafe

Window reinforced structure – topSafe system

Roof windows have to ensure safety of use and protect against easy access to the room from the outside. The patented system of the window structure reinforcement topSafe significantly improves resistance of roof windows to break-in attempts and protects against the sash opening under foot pressure if inadvertently stepped on.

The topSafe system consists of:

  • innovative installation system
  • specially shaped hinges
  • metal element strengthening the locking system
  • metal slat making break-in attempts with the use of tools much more difficult


III klasa bezpieczeństwa

III safety class

Toughened glass together with the topSafe reinforced structure found in FAKRO roof windows enable them to meet the minimum class III safety for the whole window including glazing as per EN 13049. FAKRO was the first company to introduce to the market a full range of windows achieving at least class III safety, setting a new standard in the roof window sector.


Ochrona antywłamaniowa

Anti-burglary protection

Anti-burglary protection is a crucial issue in FAKRO products. The DMF DU6 Secure and DXF DU6 Secure flat roof windows meet European 2nd anti-burglary class RC 2 N as per EN 1627. In addition, flat roof windows type DMF DU6 and DXF DU6 feature the highest impact resistance class SB1200 as per EN 1873. Installation of this type of windows in the roof considerably enhances safety and anti-burglary resistance of the building.






Klamka w dolnej części skrzydła

Handle in the bottom of the sash

Positioning the handle in the bottom section of the sash ensures easy operation of the window. Windows with the handle in the bottom section allow correct installation satisfying the requirements of DIN 5034-1* standard, according to which the upper window edge has to be situated 220 cm above the floor level. With such installation system, the handle is always within easy reach. By higher installation of windows, even a tall person can freely approach open window with a pivot design. Advantages of the lower handle as an optimal solution have been recognized by other manufacturers, while roof windows with the handle in the bottom were introduced to their product range.


Automatyczny nawiewnik V40P

Automatic V40P air inlet

High functionality in FAKRO windows is also provided by automatic V40P air inlet which optimally adjust the amount of fresh air. Maintenance-free ventilation in FAKRO windows secures a healthy micro-climate in the loft and energy savings. Open air inlet features high watertightness, even during wind. It protects against dust and insects from the outside.


Wysoka szczelność okna

High window tightness

The application of additional seal and sash guiding system makes the window feature a high tightness. This innovative system allows to keep an appropriate position of the sash in the frame and good operation of seals during repeated opening and closing of the sash. This solution also prevents distortion and possible blockade of the sash as well as facilitates window installation.