Comfort under the Chestnuts

The Under the Chestnuts housing estate was built in an attractive location surrounded by forests. It is an investment of the KTBS Social Housing Society in Katowice in compliance with the program named “Apartments for rent with access to ownership”. The project involved construction of 24 residential buildings referring to the historic building pattern of Katowice’s Giszowiec district.

Warm and comfortable attic

The attics of these apartments have been perfectly fitted with 128 FAKRO FTP-V U4 and FTU-V U4 energy-efficient triple-glazed roof windows. All of them come with air inlets and external AMZ awning blinds. Applying such a large number of roof windows allowed to bring natural light into the attic space, therefore it became an additional, very comfortable room that can be easily used for work or as a bedroom ventilated before going to bed. Such a space is also an opportunity to design a children’s room or a playroom abundant in solar energy. Moreover, equipping windows with external AMZ awning blinds let their users enjoy pleasant temperatures on hot sunny days. When pulled down, awnings provide protection against excessive heat gain while ensuring views to the outside.   

Savings in winter and summer seasons

Windows were installed in the roof together with Thermo flashings that significantly increase their thermal performance. They also ensure a tight and warm connection between the window and the roof, thus limiting the risk of thermal bridging and heat loss. Other benefits include savings on energy needed to heat the attic, lower electricity bills and contribution to environmental protection so important nowadays.

The FTP roof window, Thermo flashing and external AMZ awning blind form the superTrio package from FAKRO. Using these three products at the same time ensures comfort in the attic, regardless of the temperature outside. In addition to a wonderful location in the heart of nature, residents of the Under the Chestnuts housing estate can take pleasure from their houses full of natural light.