Company Mission

Company Mission


We build the comfort of living around the world.

Our roof windows and other products are safe, energy efficient and environmentally friendly.


We focus on:




A strong and stable position among the world leaders in the construction industry.

FAKRO is one of the most dynamic and fastest growing roof window manufacturers in the world. This growing popularity is thanks to our products being durable, functional, safe and energy efficient. In fact, their superior quality has seen them become an integral part of new development, as well being ideal in the construction of modern sunny interiors. Such is the success of FAKRO products that they are a must-have for those wanting windows which can improve quality of life.



Safe, energy efficient and environmentally friendly products.

FAKRO always puts emphasize on innovation. Today, our forward thinking approach has seen us become one of the fastest growing companies in Poland as well as the fastest growing roof window manufacturer in the world. At the centre of this successful approach is our own, modern Research & Development centre. Here over one hundred engineers work on the development of new products and can boast over one hundred patent applications. This commitment to innovation means that as a company, FAKRO not only exports roof windows around the world, but is also a creative hotbed for Polish engineers. In this way we are proud to pave the way for the future for roof windows while placing Poland as the world leader in their production.


Corporate social responsibility in the interests of customers, contractors, employees and the environment.

At FAKRO, our strategy for development focuses on three main areas: ecology, energy efficiency and developing the intelligent home. With an aim to create warmer homes, we have has already successfully introduced many market-leading innovations such as automatic air inlets, solar collectors and our highly energy efficient FTT U8 Thermo roof windows which increase thermal insulation parameters. The latter offering the best house warming qualities of any singe glazed roof window unit on the market. The company constantly expands the range of products equipped with a wireless communication system between Z-Wave electrical devices.



Creativity, efficiency and job satisfaction.

At FAKRO, all our staff are passionate about what we do. They also have many years of experience, which in turn has allowed us to become a leading name on the global market. One that is synonymous with providing customers with a sense of security and satisfaction no matter which product they purchase from us. Competent and highly qualified employees are the driving force of our company.

Concern for the construction of the economic community

FAKRO, in addition to efforts to provide high quality production and development of markets, pays particular attention to the economic development of Poland


For this reason, Ryszard Florek - President of FAKRO, established the ‘Think about the Future Foundation’ in order to promote knowledge and understanding on the economy and free market mechanisms.