We have been with you and for you for 30 years! - FAKRO

We have been with you and for you for 30 years!

The word ‘Home’ brings positive connotations as these are often our memories and sometimes dreams.

Because home is not just a building, but above all it is a family.

We all at FAKRO think how to make life there always abundant in natural light, healthy and comfortable, simply unique.Therefore, being faithful to its mission, FAKRO has been manufacturing joinery that stands behind exceptional home solutions for 30 years now.

FAKRO offers a comprehensive range of joinery products. We provide not only products, but also complete solutions that make staying at home a true pleasure. 

We started with roof windows and loft ladders, now our product range also includes flat roof windows, vertical windows, HS sliding doors, garage and entrance doors. We offer accessories for both roof and vertical windows whose aim is to ensure protection against excessive heat gain, these include awning blinds as well as decorative internal accessories.

We are the only Company in the world to offer a comprehensive range of joinery products, which means that all elements are made in the ultimate quality standard and in a uniform style and colour. A house equipped with FAKRO joinery products is not only about design, but also durability and energy-efficiency.

Furthermore, these products can be made in electrically operated versions to create a smart home managed from anywhere in the world.

A comprehensive range of products in an intelligent home

30 years of FAKRO


Today FAKRO is one of the most dynamic and fastest developing companies in the global roof window industry. The FAKRO Group, which employs more than 4,000 people, consists of 11 production and 17 distribution companies. FAKRO products can be found in over 50 countries around the globe – wherever is a demand for such products. Export sales accounts for 70% of the total sales.

Innovation is in DNA of FAKRO and main driving force behind its development. More than 100 engineers work in our modern R&D Centre who are the authors of over 180 patent applications and utility models. In addition to roof windows, FAKRO product range includes loft ladders, flat roof windows, light tunnels and access roof lights. We also offer a wide range of accessories for roof and vertical windows. In 2016 our offer was expanded with aluminium and wooden vertical windows under the INNOVIEW brand, in 2018 we added garage doors, while 2019 saw the introduction of entrance doors. The last two product groups complete the comprehensive joinery offer under the INNOVIEW Line brand.

Get to know our history

Press releases

The 30th anniversary of FAKRO also includes important media events. We invite you to read the interviews and press stories that will bring the story of FAKRO's history and allow you to get acquainted with our plans for the future.

Press releases


The history of FAKRO dates back to 1991 and soon it became the world’s fastest growing company in its industry and a recognized global brand. There is no doubt that the father of FAKRO success is the CEO himself – Mr. Ryszard Florek, a charismatic leader who is not afraid to take risks. FAKRO is also a team of people who are real enthusiasts with innovative ideas, qualifications and commitment. 


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