Poster and wood joinery as Polish export goods

Poster and wood joinery as Polish export goods"FAKRO - a window open to Art"

Wood joinery is one of the best Polish export goods and so is the Polish poster. The exhibition "Poster hangs" in the Gallery in the Courtyard (Galeria na Dziedzińcu) in Stary Browar (Poznań) reflects this obvious similarity. FAKRO is a partner in the project. The patronage is a part of the "Window open to art" campaign.
We were genuinely pleased to accept the cooperation as a part of the "Window open to art" series. The idea of the FAKRO brand encouraging viewers to follow the series by creating a reinterpretation of Wojciech Fangor's poster "Love in the afternoon" was something new on our market - says exhibition curator Wojciech P. Onak.
Art builds the sensitivity of the image.

Patryk Wrona is the author of the poster inspired by a FAKRO roof window. He operates in the artistic environment under the pseudonym Wronson Design.
Patryk graduated from the Digital Design faculty and is currently studying Art&Design at the Pedagogical University of Krakow. He specializes in graphic design of music covers and websites. We started cooperation with Patryk because we recognise his talent and great potential. Patryk was inspired by our product - from concept to implementation. Consequently, he included it in an artistic message of the poster - comments Leszek Mężyk, head of the FAKRO Marketing Creation team.
How to make a catchy poster?
Wronson Design: I assume that the simpler, the better. Due to the fact that our brain has the ability to complete and interpret the simplest elements, working on uncomplicated figures or lines makes the recipient see specific shapes without having to use many details. In addition, if the poster has a good slogan, which contains, for example, a word play and refers to graphics - success is guaranteed.
By means of the poster, you gave FAKRO product a soul and placed the it in an artistic context. If you were to describe the idea behind this project, how would you define it?
WD: Personally, I like subdued colors, but because the slogan says: "a window open to art", so I opened myself to the project and created patches of vivid colors, sketching on a piece of paper and finally transferring the obtained forms to a digital object. I think that it is the idea behind this project: we all should go beyond our comfort zones, because that's when the effects can surprise us.
What does art give to business, and what does business give to art?
WD: In my opinion, art gives business creativity and builds the "sensitivity" of the image, whereas business has a wider reception and support on many levels to stay on the market.
What is your artistic dream?
WD: Currently, I'm in the process of creating a project that is very important to me, and I've been planning it for some time, so I can call it my biggest dream. Unfortunately I won't reveal details yet. Apart from that, I would constantly like to enjoy what I do.
Who or what inspires you?
WD: People. The work of other people is really inspiring. While having the opportunity to participate in the process of creating projects by other artists, you can learn many intriguing solutions.
Why is it worth visiting the "Poster hangs" exhibition?
WD: First of all, the exhibition is a magnificent collection of works, but it also shows the passage of time and stages of the evolution of posters.

Interviewer: Joanna Rumin, FAKRO PR Specialist.
A window to art, a window to the world

FAKRO has become partner of the "Poster hangs (Plakat Wisi)" project. As part of it, you can admire the exhibition of classics of the Polish school of posters from the 1950s to the new generation of poster artists. The exhibition is open until the end of February 2023 in the Gallery in the Courtyard of Stary Browar in Poznań. It presents political, film, theater, music, tourist posters. It depicts as well a wide range of other topics present in Polish poster. We publish a sample of the exhibition below to give an edge to your appetite, let you reflect on the artistic atmosphere and encourage you to see it.