Convinient control - FAKRO

Convinient control

Until recently, awning blinds have been identified with a small roof or the roof over a terrace or balcony. Nowadays, the awning blind is increasingly being used as a protection against overheating in single-family, multi-family and public utility buildings. This solution works perfectly in roof windows since many years. Now, the market offers FAKRO awning blinds for vertical windows. The awning blind mounted in vertical windows features numerous advantages which considerably improve comfort of living in the building on hot days.


Quick installation

FAKRO product range includes VMX installation brackets. They enable installation of awning blinds by one person from the inside of the room. The brackets applied are universal and match most opening windows, while with adjustable jaws they fit most window profiles available on the market. Additionally, they are equipped with safeguards (plastic pads) to protect the window from scratches.

The installation process starts with placing brackets onto the window, then positioning the awning's cassette onto brackets. The next step involves installation of guides, removal of brackets and tightening the cassette. Installation details can be found in the following video: